Viton® Expansion Joints

Our Zflex FKM / Viton expansion joints are used in applications where the operating temperature does not exceed 400° F and a high performance expansion joint is required. Viton fluoropolymers are a registered brand and trademark of DuPont™ Performance Elastomers, LLC. Viton® is a synthetic polymer (rubber) that provides proven resistance to chemical and thermal degradation.

Viton® expansion joints are often recommended by Zepco because of their abrasion, chemical and thermal capabilities. Typically elastomeric expansion joints are reinforced with high temperature/high strength fabrics or wire reinforcing plies and vulcanized into a laminated matrix. Viton expansion joints are often recommended for ducting applications in pollution equipment including flue gas desulphurization systems, filter baghouses and precipitators, that operate in conditions that would include high ash loading and corrosive environments. Typical applications include all types of applications from the air heater outlets to stack inlets including ID fans, cyclones, precipitators, wet and dry scrubbers, filter baghouses.

Zflex FKM / Viton expansion joints can be provided in a flat belt or integral flange geometry and can be reinforced with fiberglass fabric, aramid fabric or stainless steel wire mesh.

Viton® is a trademark of DuPont. Only DuPont makes Viton®.

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