Boiler Expansion Joints

Applications on a fossil fuel power boiler are similar to those used on recovery boiler in pulp mill and even those used on HRSG. Even though the operating conditions are similar, the operating systems are different and require different designs. With over 75 years experience Zepco has the ability to design custom joints to fit all boiler applications from, FD fans to combustion air OFA and SOFA joints to the boiler to penetrations and flue gas application on the economizers and air heaters.

Four issues are of primary concern in the design of boiler expansion joints:

  1. High temperatures
  2. High ash loading
  3. Highly corrosion flue gases
  4. Large movements

Recovery boilers are typically used in the pulping process, where chemicals are recovered and reformed. Concentrated black liquor contains organic dissolved wood residue, along with sodium sulfate. Combustion of the organic portion creates heat that enters the recovery boiler to produce high-pressure steam used to generate electricity in a turbine. Combustion of the black liquor in the recovery boiler furnace needs to be handled carefully because of high concentrations of sulfur that can result in the presence of sulfur dioxide and sulfur gas emissions.

Need a Non-Metallic Expansion Joint?

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