Zepco Expansion Joints

Within the power and pulp industries, expansion joints are used primarily to relieve stresses in piping and ducting systems caused by thermal expansion and vibration. Expansion joints are used in a variety of industry sectors, including power generating facilities, flue gas cleaning systems, gas turbine systems, petro-chemical plants, chemical plants, pollution control plants and pulp and paper mills.

At Zepco, over 30 years of experience goes into the design, fabrication and performance of an expansion joint. A comprehensive knowledge of operating conditions guides decisions about configuration, materials, construction and assembly. While resiliency and durability are always a paramount concern, understanding, in precise detail, the extraordinary temperatures of gases being conveyed through massive industrial ducting systems is also of concern.

Expansion joint design typically includes fabric, rubber and metallic fabrications. As specialists in the expansion joint segment with installations across North America, Zepco’s expertise in design, assembly and service extends across all categories of fabrication.

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