1600°F Design and Fabrications



A Tennessee company that manufactures carbon fiber for the aerospace, defense, recreation & industrial markets contacted Zepco to solve a problem involving high temperature (1,600°F) and duct movements in both compression and lateral directions.


Zepco established the design for the stainless steel expansion joint frames (304H) and the high temperature composite expansion joint materials. Working with the engineering company, we determined the location of the anchor points for the ducting system-which controls how much movement each expansion joint will see.

We designed and fabricated the stainless steel frames and high temperature composite expansion joints and insulation pillows. We then shop-assembled and shipped fully assembled units to the field for installation in the ducting system.

Time was a major factor in this project. The company contacted Zepco on April 5, 2006 and Zepco shipped product on June 9, 2006.