HRSG Pipe Penetration Seals

When HOT meets Cold there can be NO Guesswork!

We know one thing, we do one thing … Expansion Joints!

And our quality show it! Our undivided focus means uninterrupted operations and predictable reliability for plant managers across the country.

We bring over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of expansion joints to people whose jobs depend on continuous production. You can rely on Zepco for incomparable craftsmanship, superior installation and exceptional customer service.

Want to see what a Zepco penetration seal looks like after 15 years of service?

An HRSG power plant in Pennsylvania was experiencing failure of expansion joints at the pipe penetration of the boiler casing. Over ONE HUNDRED had failed or had begun to show signs of temperature related damage in only a few months after inital startup

The expansion joint consisted of a single layer of Teflon/Glass fabric clamped to the casing and the piping with stainless steel band clamps. As the fabric was not insulated, it deteriorated. Zepco installed a weld in adapter flange with 3/8″ X 2″ backup bars which created a permanent seal. This solution enabled the expansion joints to provide continued service over the last 15 years.

Zepco’s installation-friendly new design allows the top expansion joint flange to be bolted to the pressure pipe. This proprietary design eliminates the need for code welding and heat treating of the welded area on the pipe.

This design also allows full compression, extension and lateral movements of the steam pipe. The bottom expansion joint flange is welded to the casing as typical in most applications.

Zepco offers 3 options for attaching the expansion joint. Each uniquely designed to provide optimum performance and extended service life.

Other Products and Services offered by Zepco LLC

  • Complete custom design and manufacturing of fabric and metal expansions joints
  • Turnkey / single source responsibility on the removal and installation of expansion joints
  • Field service, repair, and splicing of all types of expansion joints.
  • Expansion joint inspection and survey reporting
  • Strategic purchasing alliances
  • Twelve Hour Emergency Response Time
  • Project reference Available Upon Request